Why wait till the dew is off your crop - with a TURBODAN mobile drier, you have the optimal drying solution!


Why is our mobile drying system so effective?

Svend Lassen
Svend Lassen

Itís because of several unique technical conditions e.g.:
  • The rotation system, which lifts your crop 6x per hour 
  • Completely free of fixed installations - simple to run
  • The air capacity is enormous 22.000 - 35.000 cbm/hour
  • More effective combine harvesting - morning and evening
  • The oil burnerís capacity (diesel) 700 kw -1000 kw
  • Great used market value - long lifespan
  • The tank capacity 850 -1350 L
  • Own production, sales, leasing and service
  • The generator yields 400 volt 12 - 20 kw
  • Turbodan TD-15  
    Turbodan TD-15  

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